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Things could look very different one day. Earthsaver is a collection of the 17 Mac screensaver images, retouched to show the effects of climate change.


This project was inspired by the little thought we give to the unrealistically pristine nature images that drift around our laptop screens. Meanwhile IRL, the polar bears are rapidly disappearing. We created the screensaver of the future with updated images that reflect reality.


Experience design, concept, art direction, project management

  • A group of penguins march into a clean ocean.
  • A group of penguins march into a dirty ocean under a polluted sky.
  • A single white polar bear swims in a clean sea.
  • A white plastic bag floats in a blue sea.
  • A snow-capped mountain top is surrounded by mist.
  • The snow has melted off of a mountain top and the sky is dark with pollution.
  • A field of small mountains and rice paddies.
  • The small mountains and rice paddies in a field are dry and cracked.
  • A shallow body of water, photographed from above, shows a group of flamingos flapping their wings.
  • An arid plain and has no animal life to be found
  • A colorful bird is shown in motion, flapping its wings and flying away.
  • A thin, sickly bird with dulled coloring is surrounded by pollution.
  • A pristine lake reflects the lush mountains that surround it.
  • A dried up lake reveals a lake bed full of garbage. I
  • A dramatic glacial waterfall cascades into the ocean.
  • A glacier has receded to reveal a rocky embankment, upon which tourists gather and snap photos.
  • A healthy leopard crawls out of a rocky outcropping.
  • A leopard and outcropping are surrounded by polluted air and trash.
  • A whale shark swims amongst tiny fishes and clean water.
  • A whale shark swims amongst plastic 6-pack rings and dirty water.
  • A stunning sunset sets between the branches of a tree on the Serengeti.
  • A lifeless tree sits in the Serengeti with a dull, polluted sky
  • A lake with beautiful vegetation growing in it reflects a small mountain.
  • A lake bed has been converted to a landfill with seagulls flying overhead.
  • A school of tropical fish swim in a crystal clear ocean.
  • Only one fish remains in a polluted ocean and is surrounded by trash.
  • A desert shown from above with tiny succulents growing at the base of a sand dune.
  • A desert, once populated with succulents, is now a place for litter.
  • A view from atop a mountain looking out over peak fall foliage and a small, clear lake.
  • Deforestation, pollution, and trash have replaced fall foliage on a mountainside.
  • A group of penguins sit atop an iceberg in a clear sea.
  • A group of penguins sit atop an iceberg in a sea that has recently suffered an oil spill.
  • A lioness sits closely and peacefully with her cub in the grass.
  • The lioness and cub are starving and sitting in dry grass.

[Video description: Text reads “Earth Day 2018” and then shows the creatives going to various NYC Apple Stores and replacing all the default screen savers with Earthsaver.]

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