Uniqlo GIF Box – Art Direction

Uniqlo GIF Box


Uniqlo wanted to increase email newsletter subscriptions in time for the holiday season. Exchange your email for a custom GIF, made by the Internet’s best GIF artists.


Art direction


Clio: Gold – Graphic Design
Clio: Bronze – Social Media
Webby: Branded Content
Mashies: Best Use of GIFs

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[Video description: Case study animation shows the Uniqlo logo as well as the user journey of submitting your email to get a custom gif and coupon code. It showcases all the gifs made by gif artists, such as a human retina made of a rainbow of cashmere sweaters, a cat riding an origami unicorn with rainbows shooting out of the unicorn’s eyes, and a model wearing a down vest surrounded by a rainbow glow. The video displays the gif artists’ names: Pusheen, Alan Butler, MiRon, Gifenchy, Sean Godsey, Lacey Micallef, and ilovedust. The animation shows promoting the project using paid tweets on Twitter and users sharing to various social sites. Finally, the animation depicts data visualization of the success metrics. We fade into an endless grid of gifs, surrounding the Uniqlo logo.]

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