A laptop and mobile device display fast facts and a map of an Intrepid Museum exhibit
Intrepid Museum inclusive mobile guide
Six attendees sit at a long conference table at a blind soldering workshop, set up with individual soldering stations that include soldering mats, fans, helping hands, tools, a tactile schematic, and soldering irons. In the foreground, Josh Miele hands a circuit board to an attendee.
Curriculum design for a nonvisual soldering workshop
Re-creation of workshop participant interacting with tactile schematic and electronics.
Tactile graphics and textual descriptions for teaching accessible Arduino
Close up of hands exploring a tactile schematic.
Standards & best practices for designing tactile schematics

Art Direction

A selection from a past career in art direction.
My current accessibility design practice is informed by a foundation of design and art direction.

Spotify Sweet Spot logo
Spotify Sweet Spot
Mercedes Take the Wheel logo
Mercedes Take The Wheel
Uniqlo GIF Box logo
Uniqlo Gif Box
HeForShe hero image with a man's face next to the text: "I want to feel safe walking home" with HeForShe logo at the bottom
HeForShe Stand Together
Earthsaver logo displayed over an image of a dead tree
GE logo surrounded by a blue holographic halo
GE Throttle Up
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