Textual description of persona 2 – Designing Tactile Schematics – Design

Textual description of persona 2


Quote: “I want to make IT (information technology) happen for my community and for myself.”

Goals & Needs: Understanding concepts, making presentations, producing tactile products himself.

Variables on Spectrum from 1-10 (1 = low, 10 = high)

Finger Sensitivity: 10

Finger Size: 10

Braille Fluency: 10

Learning Style: Nonvisual, Reading, and Tactile. Less so Auditory.

Electronics Experience: Intermediate

Vision: Blind

Bio: Eric lives in a large city with public transit. They’re an entrepreneur, excited about technology. They own their own company, where they specialize in sound design and accessibility. They’d eventually like to build a client base for designing museum installations and accessibility projects like web assessment. Though they went to school for Political Science, they somehow found themselves in tech support, where they used to work as a call center agent. While they were there, they buddied up with a co-worker who introduced them to and taught them the basics of Arduino. Their interest was furthered when their note-taker died, one time, and they took it apart out of curiosity. This began their fascination with technologies for the blind. Now, part of an Arduino club and they like introducing other blind people to electronics to show them what is possible. They become frustrated when they want to teach a new concept but is limited to explaining it verbally. They feel that their audience is missing out on learning new material that could be easier transmitted graphically. When Eric discovers a new project for Arduino, the schematic is online and isn’t accessible. They’re currently working on a Braille keyboard which they hope would be a low cost solution for blind readers.

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