Textual description of persona 3 – Designing Tactile Schematics – Design

Textual description of persona 3


Quote: “I’ve been building electronics for years and circuit descriptions are the quickest, most effective resource I have.”

Goals & Needs: Wants the quickest way to understand circuits, needs tools for talking to engineers at job, reluctant to but open to new tools, since they’d have to be as clear as what already works.

Variables on Spectrum from 1-10 (1 = low, 10 = high)

Finger Sensitivity: 9

Finger Size: 6

Braille Fluency: 10

Learning Style: Nonvisual, Reading, and Auditory. Not a strong Tactile learner.

Electronics Experience: Pro

Vision: Blind

Bio: Jo has worked for over 30 years an engineer, building electronics. Outside of work, she’s eager to share her passion with STEM students who are blind. Jo is fluent in electronics schematics. She hasn’t ever felt a lack access to them as a blind maker. She relies on auditory circuit descriptions to visualize the relationship between the elements. This tried and true method has worked for her for at least two decades and she’s reluctant to switch. She realizes that when she’s teaching in STEM, some of the students are completely new to circuits and she’s curious if tactile schematics might be used for more tactile learners, or at least help with the circuit description learning curve. She’s open to new learning materials, even though she has found what works for her.

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