Video Transcript – GE Throttle Up – Art Direction

Video Transcript

Every 2 seconds, somebody takes off on a plane that’s powered by a GE engine. But most people take this massive metal cylinder for granted. We wanted people to, not just see, but to really feel something that GE makes, which impacts everyone for the better.

To bring this story to life, we needed an idea as big and innovative as the GenX engine itself. Throttle Up was a massive, interactive hologram that let people build and launch the GenX jet engine. By simply moving their arms and hands, people were empowered to put the pieces together of a 20 foot, lifesize jet engine. To achieve this, we brought together three cutting-edge technologies for the first time: soft kinetic motion-sensor camera, holographic projection technology, all controlled by a custom Unity gaming engine.

Visitors were able to conduct microcosm of floating parts that appeared almost like twinkling stars in the sky, bringing the pieces together to create a lifesize, gleaming jet engine. And in the end, they got to feel the awesomeness of launching something that changes the way the world moves, forever.

People lined up for over 2 hours to experience Throttle Up. And it made a lasting impression on all who came to see it.

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