Video Transcript – HeForShe Stand Together – Art Direction

Video Transcript

Gender equality benefits us all. When UN Women launched HeForShe, they invited everyone to stand together for change. But HeForShe advocates want more than hashtags. They want to build a gender equal world. Right now. So we did something the UN has never done before. We build the world’s first and largest platform for gender equality solutions, powered by you.

On the new HeForShe, we are all the face of equality. And a radically inclusive commitment lets you decide how you want to be counted. Your vote spotlights the gender equality issues in your country and shows the world what needs to be done. You create real change by taking action right now in school, on the job, and at the polls. And turn your friends into a network of activism by sharing your ideas and inspiring the world. We track your impact, one conversation, one commitment, and one event at a time.

But what really happens when you share your vision of a gender equal world? Families grow stronger. Schools get smarter. Kids get a chance to be kids. The new Because what we share is more powerful than what divides us.

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