Video Transcript – Uniqlo GIF Box – Art Direction

Video Transcript

GIFs have been around almost as long as the Internet. But in 2012, they became the online social currency of choice. So when Uniqlo wanted more newsletter subscribers for the holidays, we knew just the thing to give. Introducing Uniqlo GIF Box. Give email, receive a joyful, custom GIF. A little reward doesn’t hurt either.

To help us create more than 100 GIFS, ranging from a vortex of cashmere sweaters to origami rainbow unicorns, and telekinetic laser women. We asked 7 of the world’s most gifted GIF artists to do what they do best, and tell all their fans. But what about the fashionistas, the cat lovers, the gamers? To make sure these and other niche audiences didn’t miss out, we used promoted tweets to deliver specially-curated GIFs directly to their feed. And because nobody loves a good GIF more than those Internet fame-makers at Reddit, we placed a sponsored post there too.

Re-GIFing was encouraged. Each GIF had a unique link, making it easy to post, save, embed, and email, which is more than you can say for that holiday sweater your Aunt Betty knitted you last year. On the day GIF Box launched, had the biggest traffic surge in its history, and for the first week of the campaign, daily traffic to the site doubled. It received 11.1 million impressions on Twitter and 21.7 million impressions on Reddit, where it even spurred its own user-generated thread. High praise in the Reddit world. Even bloggers and the media got into the GIFing spirit.

In the end, Uniqlo gained more than 120,000 new subscribers in less than a month. Turns out GIFs are a gift that keeps on giving and giving… and giving and giving.

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