A room full of attendees to NYCML sit around tables, while myself is standing in front of the room holding up microcapsule paper and explaining what it is.

I teach workshops and curricula based around inclusive design and accessibility, informed by my work at the NYU Ability Project and IAAP CPACC certification.

I’ve taught in industry and academia at places like frog design, NYC Media Lab, A11y NYC, Hunter College, the Maryland School for the Blind, and the Andrew Heiskell Braille & Talking Book Library.

Over the shoulder long shot of myself at frog design. Everyone has their heads down sketching their tactile graphics, while a slide on a monitor shows some tips in the background.

Current Curricula

(Remote) Intro to Inclusive Design & Accessibility

  • The difference between Inclusive Design and Accessibility
  • Models of disability
  • Laws and standards
  • Who is responsible for accessibility?
  • Universal Design principles
  • Co-design and human-centered design
  • Intro to screen readers
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Web Accessibility Principles (P.O.U.R.)
  • How to apply WCAG 2.1
  • How to write effective alt text
  • Audio description, captions, and transcripts

(Remote) Do It Yourself Tactile Design

  • How we make images accessible
  • Intro to tactile graphics
  • When do we make tactile graphics?
  • How do we make tactile graphics?
  • Tactile design standards and best practices
  • Hands-on design and making activities
  • Instruction on how to verbally describe a tactile design
  • Feedback from attendees has been that it provides a (much-needed) vacation from Zoom lectures 🙂
Zoom screenshot of students, faces and names blurred out, holding up their DIY tactile graphics they made with found materials at home.

Past Curricula

(Remote) DIY Inclusive & Tactile Design

NYU Ability Project
Andrew Heiskell Braille & Talking Book Library

04.29.2020 – 08.16.2020
We covered inclusive design basics and applied them to a tactile graphics use case. No longer having access to NYU’s microcapsule fuser, we covered alternative tactile graphic design techniques using found materials to create Do It Yourself tactiles at home. We pressed pencils into paper on top of cutting boards to create reverse tactile graphics and scissors, glue, found objects, and hot glue to create raised collages.

Museum Accessibility Course


1.30.2020 – 5.7.2020
Co-taught course with Dr. Amy Hurst and Dr. Anita Perr, led reading discussion sessions, assisted with homework assignments and grading, and mentored final project for team that addressed accessibility of artifacts behind glass.

Nonvisual Soldering


2.28.2020 – 3.1.2020
Facilitated with Chancey Fleet and Tom Igoe, instructed by Dr. Joshua Miele. A weekend-long workshop at NYU ITP offered students the opportunity to learn nonvisual soldering techniques from the founder of the Blind Arduino Project.

Tactile Maps


Purpose was to raise awareness of the complex nature of tactile maps and the process for translating them. Attendees worked in groups to translate a map of the American Museum of Natural History to a tactile graphic.

Intro to Accessibility & Tactile Design

A11y NYC
NYC Media Lab Summit 2019
NYU DesignLab
Hunter College

08.22.2019 – 1.29.2020
Promoted inclusive design and accessibility awareness by framing tactile design as a useful collaborative tool and use case, provided hands-on experience by inviting attendees to design and produce their own tactile designs using microcapsule paper and a fuser.

Close up of the hands of a group of people gathered around a table, touching a tactile graphic.
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