Video Transcript – Nonvisual Curriculum Design – Accessibility

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Lauren Race from the NYU Ability Project. And to preface, we did have consent for photos and their public display. So our research question was: how can we design curriculum to increase access to making nonvisually?

So we ran a three-day workshop, led by a Blind nonvisual soldering expert. And we hosted 12 attendees who identified as Blind or Low Vision and wanted to learn how to solder. So the image on this slide shows 6 attendees at a Blind soldering workshop table. And in the foreground, Dr. Joshua Miele hands a circuit board to an attendee. We used nonvisual wayfinding and landmarking techniques, we practiced with cold soldering irons, and we used them like white canes for feedback. The photos on this slide show the instructor helping an attendee using locking forceps to landmark where the solder lines up with the soldering iron tip.

And in the future, we advise providing textual descriptions and tactile schematics. Both are ways to represent visual circuit diagrams nonvisually. And we recommend giving participants identical soldering irons so they have the same equipment that the instructor is verbally describing.

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